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  1. Dizzysmoke


    RIP Jaime bOoWmAbA I’m sorry for you’re loss you know I got you HMU whenever 🙏
  2. If ur bored and r doing random stupid Shit to pass the time here's the place to let us see how dumb we really are hahaha VID_20190217_025130.mp4
  3. I can print out bills too lol GO RAMS
  4. Pats have no chance unless they cheat which will prolly happen but in an honest game rams will win. Keep in consideration the refs in this game they r gonna look out Tom Brady all night. It's bs but no one wants to put anything on the game.... I’ll match you BZ 100 you gonna owe me at the end of the night. Only two hrs til kickoff anyone else want in on this?
  5. I got 20 on the rams who wants a piece of the action?
  6. Go rams fuck Tom Brady an FUCK the patriots cheating assholes
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